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Discussion of all things book related.
This is a community where avid readers can rave or rant about their current material. If your favorite authors haven't come out with anything new recently, just ask for recommendations.

There are MANY other book-oriented communities on livejournal. One you might try is bookish, it's a good place to ask for recommendations.

If your post is long (if we have to scroll to read it all, it's long) make sure to use a lj-cut. Please place large images and not safe for work images under an lj-cut with a warning. Similarly, please do not use icons that are not safe for work. Your post may be deleted if explicit icons or images without an lj cut are used. If you're not sure that your post is completely on-topic, please use an lj-cut. This community is not a selling community. This is not a community for advertising. A subtle link on the title of the book to amazon.com or a similar book selling site is acceptable. Blatant advertising for a book, website, or ebay shop by a person who will profit from these sales is not acceptable.